1. Commodities database

Product of CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). It provides real-time spot and futures prices, market intelligence, historical fundamental data and robust forecasts for agricultural crops. It delivers data on prices for 200 varieties of 70 commodities from 150 markets.

It provides time series data on area, production, yield, value of output of agricultural crops and weekly updates on progress of sowing. It contains statistics on area, production and yield up to the district-level.

2. Indiastat.com provides free Indian statistical information about the followings

Agriculture, Financial & Institutions, Civil supplies and consumer Affairs, Companies, Cooperatives, Crime and Law, Demographics, Economy, Education, Electoral data, Environment & Pollution, Foreign trade, Forest and wild life, Geographical data, Health, Insurance, Labour and workforce, Market Forecast, Media, Meteorological Data, Mines and Minerals, Per capita Availability, Petrolium, Power, Social and Welfare Schemes, Sports, States and Union Territories, Telecommunication, Tourism, Transport, Urban Areas, Villages.


3. Policy papers in Agricultural Sciences (Free full text available):

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi publishes Policy Papers based on the recommendations emerging out of the scientific programmes organized by it. The Academy also initiated a process to identify some important recommendations made in these Policy Papers and formulate projects to develop implementable action plan. These Policy Papers published by NAAS are available full text free at: